The Amahlathi Residents Association is a non-political organisation with the following objectives, to:


  • Protect and advance the WELFARE and HUMANITARIAN interests of all the ratepayers and residents of all people living in the Amahlathi local Municipal Area, through the promotion and advocacy of human rights and democracy;
  • Act as a mouthpiece for members’ views to the relevant authorities;
  • Identify problem areas and focal points, and to address these in the interests of its members;
  • Interact with the Amahlathi Municipality, the Amathole District Municipality and other local , regional and national authorities in order to share information and to act in the interests of its members and to address representations (on behalf of its members) about the basis, range and justification of tariffs of property taxation, service fees, water, electricity and other municipal services;
  • Create the necessary structures in order to act legally;
  • Take any necessary steps to ensure continued service delivery by the relevant authorities;
  • Acquire funds in the interest of the Association for the execution of the aforementioned objectives;
  • To actively pursuing the resolution of service delivery issues; and
  • Affiliate or disaffiliate with any organisation in the interest if the Association

The ARA will be having its Annual General Meeting on the 26th of February 2020 at 6pm at the NG Church Hall.
All residents are welcome, however, only paid up members will be allowed to vote.  To nominate a member to the management committee you may complete a nomination form  and deliver it to Elliot Attorneys 55 Murray Street, Stutterheim, on or before 4pm 25 February 2020.


     Events that led up to the creation of the ARA:


  • On 16 October 2018 a group of youths marched to the Amahlathi Local Municipality (ALM) offices demanding the council address their demands listed in a petition.
  • The protest became violent with the protestors subsequently torching and damaging a number of municipal buildings used by both ALM and Amathola District Municipality (ADM). See our the Chronological Report for more detail. 
  • A meeting was called 1 November 2018 where it was agreed an Amahlathi Residence Association (ARA) need to be formed. On 21 November 2018 the ARA had an AGM (Using a WhatsApp platform due to security concerns), with the constitution signed on 28 November 2018
  • After considering the appropriate legal entity that will constitute the ARA it was decided by the Management Board that a Non Profit Company need to be registered, which was done on 25 March 2019 as the AMAHLATHI RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION NPC (Registration number 2019/151068/08)

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